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Solid Shutters

Our solid double raised shutters, without louvers, evoke the classic charm of traditional shutters, making them particularly favoured for windows in older homes. Their solid panels effectively block light and street-level noise, providing insulation for a quieter, more comfortable space. Combining these benefits with their captivating appearance, Solid shutters enhance the ambiance of any room with timeless elegance and practicality.


Are plantation shutters the same as solid shutters?

Plantation shutters are equipped with louvers, also known as slats, which can be adjusted from fully closed to fully open or angled between these positions. Unlike traditional solid shutters, which feature solid panels that fold across the window, plantation shutters are characterized by their adjustable louvers.

What are solid shutters?

With full solid shutters, the entire panel comprises a single piece of wood, devoid of individual slats or louvers, distinguishing them from our other shutter styles.


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